Never felt better

Today, I’ve got a touch of the dreaded man flu, not a very uplifting blog start I know but its got me thinking. Ever since this blog started it has been in one way or another about taking on some new kind of venture. In the past few years I’ve spent increasing amounts of time training for and taking on challenges both to push myself physically and mentally as well as to raise funds for the charity that is dear to me.img_0834

The blog name doesn’t really cover it all anymore but I kind of like it and it has stuck, (maybe its time for a tweak (no not a twerk) who knows?). In the course of the last few years I’ve taken on swimming, cycling and most recently running events. (To be honest the running isn’t really my favourite and I think I might be blaming the current dose of man flu on the short burst of hailstones that assailed us on Saturday evening doing the Bournemouth Glow Run 5k). I’m not sure that these sports will ever merge into a full triathlon but we (little Bro and me) did have a dabble at a “sprint” (very loose sense of the word) triathlon last year, although for a non runner I’m pretty happy with my glow run time of 30 minutes and 16 seconds (5.1k, who knows why they added on those few extra metres to what I expected was going to be 5K).

The point is that over the last few years all this exercise has got me to be a lot fitter than I was (although to be fair my start point wasn’t great) and I’m now feeling better than ever – well apart from the (did I mention it?) man flu.

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1 Response to Never felt better

  1. If I knew how to take a photo and post it to you, I would … My son has a t-shirt which is very simply entitled, “Man Flu is Real”
    Love it!


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