Back in the Saddle

Well today I braved the cold and got back in the saddle on my nice new (to me) Ribble Sportive. What a great (if still a little scary) ride it was. I enjoyed London to Brighton so much even on my E Bay Carrera Zelos that I thought it was worthwhile upgrading to a bike that would perhaps let me manage the infamous Ditching beacon, if not in the saddle then at least on the bike (rather than walking, as I had to this year). I found a great bike on e bay and little Bro was dispatched to pick it up for me. A full carbon framed bike for around half of its new value. Even better it has wheel upgrades. So today was the first chance I got to try it out proper and what a ride it was. For the first time ever on two self propelled wheels I found myself actively seeking out little bits of extra loops that I could add on to extend the ride. It changes direction in the blink of an eye which is great but on the down side it is so light that that it wobbles a bit,  I had a couple of occasions when I thought it was going over and about to dump me on the tarmac but wobbles aside it was a great ride.ribble

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