Well today was my four-year annual follow-up. Glad to say it all went well, (not that I had any concerns that it might not but it’s always good to hear). It was really nice to see Arjun (my surgeon) again. Results from CT scan all good, weight good, looking well.

So lets expand on that a bit. CT Scan, I’m due to have an annual scan at least for one more year by which time they will be confident that all the joins/plumbing adjustments are secure and doing their job. I may be in the minority but I quite enjoy the whole CT scan thing. I’m not overly fond of the bit where they stick needles in you but the remainder of it is OK and the warm tingling sensation that swamps your body is nice in an odd kind of a way. It was described to me the first time as feeling a bit like you had wet yourself and I haven’t found a better description. Although this year they insisted I drank so much water before the scan that I couldn’t help wonder if it wasn’t just the impression.

Weight good; well I’m not all that heavy but the loss of a big part of pancreas can apparently make you in the longer term a bit more susceptible to developing diabetes so I do try to keep on top of my weight. My GP seems to have some chart that suggests that at around 82kg, I’m technically overweight (or under-height as the old joke goes) not quite borderline obese but don’t get any fatter. As I’ve mentioned before my eating habits have certainly changed and I eat reasonably healthily and exercise plenty but my weight rarely changes (I think that’s a good sign). I did today have it explained to me that the whipples procedure is related to bariatric surgery and the reshaping/reconstructing of my insides is almost guaranteed to avoid me putting on weight. PS I weighed 79.1kg today.

Looking Good? Well the sun is out, I’ve got another years MoT under my belt, life is good, why wouldn’t I be looking good?

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