Thats Much Better!

I’ve always been a fairly active type, but since my Whipples procedure ( four years ago, that’s some time that has flown by), I have been even more driven. Driven to keep myself fit and active, Driven to prove to myself that I can take on challenges and Driven to maintain my weight. That last one is because I was cautioned that with only half of my pancreas left, longer term I will be more susceptible to developing diabetes.I’m certainly not an expert (not by a long shot) on nutrition but I think my eating habits have improved (a bit – not counting yesterdays doughnut fiasco and the occasional lapse). I always used to enjoy my food and I do still now, but in a slightly different way. I guess having to take enzyme supplements whenever you eat forces you to think a bit more about what and how you eat. I’ve also developed a bit more of a fondness for doing my own cooking and a bit less for eating out and takeaways.

So my one months enforced layoff has been hard for me to cope with on many levels and I’ve really missed my fix of exercise. However, as you saw yesterday I got the Amber (if not fully Green) light yesterday to get back to some light exercise and so today kick started the regime with a short stationary bike session (35 leisurely minutes) and a ten minute swim. The bike ride was quite hard even though I took it very steady and I don’t know if it was in my mind (although it definitely felt more like it was in my groin), but I did develop a bit of a dull ache after a while so really need to keep that one light.

However I’m back generating endorphins and it feels great!

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