A new Sports Car

IMG_1534Welcome to the fleet to “Skippy” our new sports car. Now the SLK is great for times when the sun is shining and you can get the roof down, oh and when there are no more than two of you, but the sports car in this picture is Skippy the Skoda. (I’m sure you all remember the old joke “What do you call a convertible Skoda? – A Skip”). Skippy, or more properly Skippy 2 (unimaginatively named as this is our second Skoda), is a replacement for our much-loved, inherited Fabia, which has moved on to do service for someones elderly mum in Milton Keynes.

Skippy (1 for the avoidance of doubt) was in the family from new, Caroline’s  dad (or more likely her mum) being swayed by that clever cake advert where they built a bright tangerine car out of sponge cake (yes it really was that colour but without the white roof) and had only done 3 thousand miles when we inherited her at two years old, by the time we said goodbye that had grown to 106 thousand hard miles pressed into service as variously a dog carrier/kennel, a car for running to the station, a car to be taken places where you weren’t too sure about leaving something parked. She didn’t care where she went or where she stayed overnight but she was a great gal and never once missed a beat in 7 years. I really hope that someone’s elderly mum in Milton Keynes enjoys her.

Nevertheless at 106k it was time to thing about a replacement and so Skippy the Yeti has joined us. Now, Sports car isn’t really part of the job description for a 1.2 automatic (technically an estate) car from the Czech  republic but this is a car ideally suited to lugging around sports kit, dogs and bicycles and that really is what I call a sports car.

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