Double Whammy

Well its been about a month since I went in to have my “man lump” of a hernia sorted out. That is a month of no hoovering, no Ironing, no carrying heavy bags no heavy lifting etc (none of which I managed very well to be honest (apart from the hoovering & ironing bit)). It’s also been a month of no strenuous exercise, which I have been pretty fastidious about. So for the last month I’ve gone from an exercise regime of about 5 days a week, down to a short 1km walk daily to take some energy away from the new puppy (frankly it’s not enough). I’ve really been missing my regular exercise fix and more to the point the 11th September and London to Brighton under human power is looming in the not too distant future. So I’m itching to get back into the saddle and make sure that I have the legs to do the 54 miles that this years main event entails.

So today was out-patient follow-up day and in anticipation of the green flag  I was really excited. I haven’t had any problems and very little pain so I was (once again  blessed in the over optimistic department) fully expecting a quick in and out and “on yer bike”. So how was it? I have to say that consultation was probably the most discomfort I’ve felt throughout the whole process. The consultant rammed his fingers into my groin on both sides and had a good old rummage, and that hurt! The upshot was all appears to be healing well, some swelling (as is apparently only to be expected) and its time to start getting back into some “light” exercise. Well there goes the planned 30 mile session on Saturday then. I guess on the upside “a gentle return to activities” still rules out the ironing, hoovering and other general heavy stuff. It looks like my London to Brighton is going to be a lot more “Easy Rider” than it is going be “Eddy Merckx”.

So buoyed up by that news I felt the need for a sugar fix, the kind that can only be satisfied with a packet of 5 Jam Doughnuts, so a quick detour to the local supermarket for a bag of around 1000 sugar-coated Kcals worth of nutrition, and here’s the second whammy of the day. I got home to find them stale, well the first one was, and the second one, and the third one (I think I’m on a losing streak here). I may persevere but its got bad written all over it. I don’t think light exercise will compensate for those.

Never mind I’m back in the saddle.

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