In the Summertime

I really love living down on the south coast. We are only about 5 miles from the beach and so its really easy at the drop of a hat, to pop down and get a bit of life perspective back. There really is nothing like being by the sea to reset your frame of mind.

Since I had my hernia fixed I’ve been avoiding any strenuous exercise, which means training for the bike ride has had to take a real back seat and I have to admit I’m really missing the exercise fix. It will be a while before I’m up to a real hard cycle so I’m hoping that I banked enough prep before I went under the knife to see me through in September

This week some former neighbours were in the area and dropped by so we went down to Boscombe for a fix of salty air, and a bite to eat.   The sea looked great and I found myself itching to get wet. It wasn’t to be and instead I had to settle for  a walk along the pier. Well Tuesday evening must have been some kind of Pokemon convention on Boscombe pier. I’m not really familiar with this current craze but I soon got to understand that a zombie invasion of people fixated on their phones has something to do with peeking at this and at Chu ( I probably have got that wrong).

As I’m writing this it is Thursday evening and in the summertime a Thursday evening on Poole quay isn’t to be missed, there is usually street entertainment followed by fireworks at 10pm. Tonight part of that street entertainment is Mungo Jerry, so I’m hoping to get down there for a bit of a listen. In the meantime for those of a certain age here’s a taster


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