Tri anything Once – Even Wolfmother


Version 2Wow what a weekend, as you will see from Little brothers post below this weekend saw us try a “super sprint” (which is a reference more to the distances than to any speeds we might have achieved) Triathlon, in the rather spectacular setting of the London Olympic aquatic park.
Great venue, great opportunity to test ourselves and the start of a great weekend.  What he failed completely to mention of course was the times we achieved and the splits so to get that out of the way, despite him very sportingly jogging alongside and encouraging me in the final few hundred yards (when I was to be honest struggling to breathe let alone run) he did turn in an overall time of almost 2 minutes quicker than me across the whole discipline. To be fair I’m happy eDSC_0039nough with my performance, particularly when this year is really all about gearing up (excuse the pun) for the London to Brighton cycle ride. This was a late entry into our programme and so prep time was short (about a week) and given that I haven’t actually  run in earnest for probably a year, I’m not too disappointed.  To be honest I was initially a bit sceptical about the distances and if it really was a challenge but that all dissapeared in a bit of a haze by the time it got around to running. His other notable omission from his account of events was our apparent misunderstanding of the “get changed by the poolside” instruction that we got at check in. Suffice to say that the resulting show almost got us a lifetime ban from the venue.

Hot footing it from the venue to part two of my weekend involved a drive to Cornwall to collect our new puppy. We decided to break the journey by driving down on Saturday afternoon allowing us to enjoy some of Cornwall’s gastronomic and coastal delights before returning on Sunday with our new furry friend. The flaw in the first part of that was arriving in rural St Austell at 9pm and hoping to find some pub grub was never likely to end well, thank goodness for Indian restaurants, even if the only one we could find was a bring your own booze type. Never mind it was nice food and the travel lodge bar was still open when we checked in.


Sunday morning we had a trip to Mevagissy to collect a few pasties, a quick trip to the beach which was lovely and then off to collect Bella, or to give her her official Kennel Club name Kentixen Make me Laugh (which I had to admit did raise a smile). Version 2

She was great all they way home took about 100 yards to settle and then slept pretty much for the whole 3 hour journey. Well that seemed great at the time but clearly we had forgotten about the trade off between sleeping during the day and at night because refreshed from a 3 hour kip she was fully recharged and ready to stay up all night. got some loud nights to come I think. But nothing like as loud as Monday evening was going to turn out.

I have to admit I had overlooked a long standing commitment for Monday. In the true spirit of try anything once I had an invite to go with some friends to see an Australian Hard Rock Band playing in Southampton. If you haven’t seen Wolfmother before you can check them out here.


If you haven’t heard of them before I’m surprised because they were ear splittingly loud and anyone in the UK last night surely would have been able to hear them. Not really my cup of tea but it was in fact a really good night if you avoided the Mosh Pit and the head banging. It was nice to get home at 1am to the sounds of an 8 week old pup wailing.


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