Inspired by the Brownlee Boys

I’ve been getting myself ready for weeks to go to the Lido for my 1st outdoor swim of the year and then finding reasons not to. My main distraction has been running as I’m planning to do a triathlon but am really struggling with the running bit and have developed the rather strange condition of the roving muscle pull. After each and every run it moves from one place to another, left calf to right calf, right thigh to shin, to left thigh and back to the calf so I was obviously doing something wrong. It seems like going for a run is not what it used to be and is now right up there on my list of “Can you remembers” with, can you remember when you went out to buy a light bulb and it was easy?

Feeling slighty uncomfortable about my low threshold for pain after watching the TV show about Eddie Izard running 27 marathons, I’ve pulled up my big boys pants and have got on with it. I had a run on Sunday morning then watched the world tri series on Channel 4 hoping for that final little nudge to get up to Brockwell and was inspired and also a little concerned by the Brownlee boys.  What sort of state was Jonny Brownlee in at the finish!! He looked more like he’d been on pub crawl of Yorkshire than just finished a Triathalon. That was the bit that concerned me. If an Athlete of his ability can end up like that what chance have I got?  Then the inspiration bit came as Alistair Brownlee was dismissing it very casually in his interview and describing how they’d been in Australia for a couple of weeks acclimatising, which from the images during the piece seemed to involve a lot of time laying in kids paddling pools with someone pouring ice water over them. There’s a thought then, rather than filling your own bath up with ice after a run, pop up to Brockwell lido for a swim……who says men can’t multi-task.

That’s a plan that worked like treat. The Lido was almost empty and I had a lovely swim although admittedly I did cut it short when I thought I was becoming slightly disorientated as my body began diverting the blood to my core in an effort to preserve my vital organs. It’s really good to be back swimming outside again, even if it was only 10.6 degrees.






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One Response to Inspired by the Brownlee Boys

  1. So where’s the Triathlon then and wheres my invite?


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