Well as 2015 draws to a close, it’s that time of year for reflection so I have just cast my mind over a few of the old blogs on here in the build up to this years charity challenge. (quite emotional a few of them). It seems an age ago now that we were all getting ourselves swallowed up in the training, the planning and then the triumph of achieving our challenge. Forgetting the furore over Tyson Fury and whether or not it’s right to include him in the BBC Sports Personality Of The Year, I’ve got my own nominations and that would be the whole of the Solent 7, who turned themselves from a raggle tangle bunch of landlubbers into honed athletes able to take whatever was thrown at them in pursuit of glory.

I notice that the blog is still getting the occasional visitor and I have a slight pang of guilt for not keeping it going but there wasn’t much to say once the swim was done, however as we come to the end of 2015 there are a few things to say;

Firstly a huge thank you to you all for coming on this journey together. Secondly thanks for all the (fish oops no that a Douglas Adams line), money raised I’m sure our charities are very happy.

And Last but not least, WHATS NEXT????



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