How Hard Can it Really Be

Well here we are approaching the big swim weekend (or at least the first planned date). All being well weather wise, (decision to be made on the day) we will be getting ourselves thoroughly wet on Sunday in pursuit of personal satisfaction at a challenge completed. Plus the not insignificant satisfaction of raising a few ££’s for charity, my preferred one being Planets at Southampton, who stand to benefit from my generous sponsors donations.  Thank you to everyone who dipped a hand into a pocket.

We need to spend the weekend on the island so tonight its pack up and get ready to go. How hard can it be? Well firstly we have 11 people to cram into two vehicles so luggage space will be at a premium, and since half of us need to travel with wetsuits and the associated paraphernalia there won’t be a whole lot of room for shoes and frippery. Given that we will be having an early night (How hard can that be?) perhaps we won’t need going out clothes. Then theres the strict timetable dictated by the tides that mean we have to check in by 6:30am on Sunday (That’s how hard that can be), and ferry about 15 people around the island. And that’s all before we even dip a toe into the water.quote-ive-worked-too-hard_10466-0

As for the actual swim, well we’ve done all we can to prepare, we’ve covered the distance in training,  we’ve read all the motivational stuff, now its just time to get on and enjoy it, And how hard can that be.

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