And then there were 6

Fortunately that doesn’t mean that we’ve lost one on the way, simply that in the great countdown we are now down to only 6 days left.

cc2-countdown-6-daysHowever cards well and truly on the table and the excuses are already being lined up. One of our number is claiming a bad shoulder, another is claiming food poisoning and a third is blaming an unscheduled dismount from his motorbike as having hampered their training regimes. I’m not sure where the bad shoulder arose, but I have to admit I have very little sympathy for the individual claiming that he overdosed on Jersey and Guernseys seafood whilst on a “work trip” that as far as I can see involved three weeks in nice hotels and on the beach with a few bits of snapshots thrown in, nor for Mr Bada$$ whose annual boys wild hogs road trip took him to Corsica on two wheels for a week whilst the rest of us worked. Sorry guys but it is definitely time for you to pull on your big boy pants and crack on.

So tomorrow night will see our penultimate sea training session before the weekend and its looking like we will have quite a turnout, all being well 5 of the 7 of us will get salty at Boscombe as we put in some last-minute training. Although it has to be said every one of our coastal boot camps have ended up with a beer or two and regular readers will know that that usually leads to another smartar$e idea. Perhaps we should just stick to soft drinks.

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