A Numbers Game

Well here we are in the last few days before the planned date for our challenge, and it dawns on me that in all the blogs so far we have hardly considered any numbers. As an accountant that saddens me and so I feel its time to put that right.

We signed up for this adventure on the first of January, giving us 179 days to prepare for it.  At the outset I could barely manage 50 metres of front crawl, now with 96.66% of our training time behind us (and 6 days left), I can comfortably cover 2.5km. We have between us swum in water of varying temperatures (ranging from 9 to about 29 degrees), on the day it should be around 19.

Our select group grew from the initial 2 plotters, (Little Bro and me) to become the Solent 7 with the addition of a further 5 elite athletes in various shapes, sizes and degrees of fitness.

Over the 173 days so far my average distance covered stands at 1km a day, giving me a distance covered in training of about half the length of the river Thames (or more encouragingly) about 5 and a half crossings of the English Channel.

We’ve blogged on average every other day sharing this journey and the fun and laughter that we’ve had along the way and now it’s almost down to the most important number of all.

Our swim on Sunday is weather dependent and the threshold that has been stipulated by the organisers is up to a force 3 is swimmable, any stronger wind than that and we will be resorting to plan B. We have put in the effort we need to and now we are completely at the mercy of Mother Nature.

Final numbers for today, not forgetting that as well as the personal challenge this endeavour is also a charity fundraiser and it looks as if between the 7 of us we will comfortably have raised the thick end of £2k which will go to various charities.

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