A Proper Green Smoothie – Happy Fathers Day, Pops.

As has been mentioned before, one of our favourite family things to do together when we were kids was to spend the day at the swimming pool. We were fortunate that Dad worked for an organisation that had a sports and social club including an outdoor pool. Most summer holiday afternoons Ian and I would catch the bus and spend an afternoon swimming, and often summer weekends would involve a day at the pool with a picnic. The picture Ian posted (see Happy Days) was in fact taken there. That got me thinking and I looked around for an old picture of my dad in his swimming gear.Tispossible

Unfortunately this is the only one I can come up with at the moment and frankly it doesn’t do his ensemble justice. The outfit was in fact a shirt with matching shorts and the whole lot could be worn swimming. I think he practically lived in those two pieces of clothing, as evidenced by the fact that he wore it go karting as well. (I wonder if those helmets were “One size fits all”). This picture probably dates from around 1970, (although to tell the truth he got so many years out of this outfit that the range could probably span that whole decade). At the time guess he was probably about 15 years younger than I am now, but thought you might enjoy a picture of the original Green Smoothie – Happy fathers day Pops!

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One Response to A Proper Green Smoothie – Happy Fathers Day, Pops.

  1. Bobbybadger says:

    On this day of the year many men carry that smugness that goes with being a father but in my case it is extreme pride that comes from being the father of two magnificent men Stuart and Ian. I just wish I knew which one was responsible for permanently hiding my gorgeous green summer suit!!


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