Meet the Aliens

Today was my last chance for a dip in the sea before the event so I was out of bed and on on the road by 6.30am. 114 miles and 2 hours later I was with Stu looking down onto Steamer point which was already a hive of activity.

A small pod of swimmers were heading East West along the shoreline and nipping along at a really impressive rate considering they were heading into the current and on the beach another couple were preparing to head out. Suits on and down to the beach to find one of the pair still on the beach but her partner already halfway along to our intended 1 Km turning mark.

As etiquette dictates we engaged in conversation and immediately wished we hadn’t as the lady we were speaking to had suffered a Jellyfish strike on her hand just the week before and was a tad anxious. Members of our group have been posting various reports of marine sightings ranging from curious Rays to plastic bags masquerading as Rays but to date we’d seen nowt at all. Meeting someone who had actually been in contact was a bit like that moment in Top Gun where Maverick and Goose are recounting to Kelly McGillis how they went vertical with the Russian fighter and I was half expecting Stu to cough “Bullsh*t” from behind me like Iceman.

The swim up to our 1 Km mark was fairly uneventful except for the moment after I’d been hit by a random piece of seaweed that put the Free Willys up me and in an effort to calm myself I choose to linger in Stu’s line of swim to see if he jumped as high as I had when he came across a random object in his path. He did……and that makes me laugh everytime. Lovely bit of syncronised swimming today, feeling completely at one with the sea and not a Jelly fish to be seen anywhere.


And then we got back to the beach…………….

OMG, you really wouldn’t want this little transparent Alien to pop into your field of vision and then wrap itself around your boat would you??


What a shocker, you won’t hear me moaning about the odd Elastoplast that’s drifting around in the pool after seeing this.

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