Killing time now.

10 Days to go and Stu and I are like kids counting down to Christmas eve………. surely we shouldn’t be this hyped up but we are.  Looking at the organiser’s face book page it doesn’t seem like we are alone in this though as most of the other entrants are swimming like mad people at the moment and seemingly loving it. I say most, as amongst our little group there’s a distinct lack of water based activity. One’s got a bad shoulder, another came of his motorbike in France and thinks he’s got cracked ribs, and a third has got food poisoning at the moment. As I say, there’s still 10 days to go, so plenty of time for them to man up, pull up their big boys pants and get on with it.

So my personal dilemma is whether to train the same or less in the last few days. I’m inclined towards keeping up the same amount and with that in mind slipped off to Brockwell this afternoon for a cheeky 50 lengths.  That wasn’t my best plan on a glorious afternoon. I pitched up and spent a good while deliberating if I would look like a bit of a soft boy being the only person in a wet suit whilst absolutely everybody else was as naked as you can get in public without being arrested. Water temperature of 20 degrees is borderline in my opinion but after dipping my hand in I convinced myself retaining consistency was the key so a suited swim it was. As I slid into the water beside a guy in just shorts whose teeth were chattering like a shredding machine I knew it was a good call. 30 lengths in and I’d had enough as it was completely rammed and I was spending more time doggy paddling in a slow queue parading up and down in the fast lane than swimming, but 30 is enough to keep loose so I was happy-ish. Getting out I engaged in conversation with an antipodean couple getting in, or should I say trying to, and re-assured them from within my cosy warm suit that it wasn’t cold. If looks could kill…

I really don’t understand how kids don’t feel the cold and can happily play on the beach all day in miserable conditions and eat ice cream at the same time but we’ve all been there. Trawling through some old photo’s I discovered that what some people consider a recent craze “The Ice Bucket Challenge” has actually been around for years. Considering I was doing it in 1969 I surely shouldn’t be feeling the cold now!!


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