Are we nearly there yet?

I think we are! Its now only ten days (weather permitting) until the big day. So its time to start imploring Neptune and his alter ego Poseidon to be kind to us. The times and tides have been studied by people who know about these things and the timetable for the swim has been released. So long as its no more than a force 3 we will be staring down the barrel of it at around 08:00 on Sunday the 28th. That necessitates a meet at Yarmouth at 06:25 to be ribbed across to our start point. The first wave of swimmers will start to land at around 08:30.

We’ve done our training and with a few more sessions will hopefully be at our peak for that date.

Yesterday evening Tony and I did a quick half Pier to Pier, roughly half the crossing distance in about 19 minutes. There was a huge swell that chucked us around quite a bit, bordering apparently on a force 3 so at least we know we can swim in those conditions.

Where our training might fall down is with the whole concept of the Solent 7 as a collective being together on a Saturday evening and needing to be up with the lark on the Sunday without hangovers. Not an aspect that we have prepared for and I’m struggling to find ways in which “sensible early night” fits into any sentence that also includes “Solent 7” 0r “Saturday night (In or Out)”.

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