Book him Danno – Mother (nature) knows best

After last weeks successful swims and now with less than 3 weeks to go until the big day I was itching to get wet again today. Saturday was largely swallowed up with an AGM and neither Sunday or Monday lent themselves to it and so this evening seemed like a good chance to get down to the beach. I’m also keen to try out my nice new Dryrobe which has sat taunting me since the weekend.

However Mrs Nature clearly had other ideas. The evening was sunny and quite warm and I didn’t have the patience to check the beach webcam, preferring instead to sit in traffic for about 40 minutes, only to arrive and find surf that wouldn’t have been out of place in a 70’s TV show with the catchphrase “book him Danno”.

I watched an intrepid SUP boarder riding the breakers and falling in before abandoning my plans and settling for a nice walk along the front. It was an opportunity though to judge the distance between the two piers and tomorrow I’ll be better placed to estimate that.

Since some of the object of this project is to raise funds for I may as well take the opportunity to remind you about the online giving page which is

If you can find a few £ I would be very grateful

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