Diagnosis Confirmed – Gonna have to face it

So as I suggested earlier in the week suspicions of addiction can now be confirmed. And its a great excuse to link to this video.

Eager in Eastbourne

After a long drive on Wednesday evening my first thought was to get into the sea. I surfed (the net) to check out the sea quality, found a relatively secluded spot to do the car park jiggle and got into the sea at Eastbourne for a quick session. It was a nice swim but I have to admit it did have me longing for Bournemouth’s blue star sandy beaches. If you don’t know Eastbourne has a lovely stretch of seafront but the beach ranges from shingle (at best) to boulders (at worst) and it was a long walk to the sea from the car park. Also as mentioned food was relegated to second place in my quest for my salty fix, however I struck gold with a fantastic sea front (and dog friendly) pub #crownandanchoreastbourne http://crownandanchoreastbourne.co.uk where I had a really nice meal.IMG_0733

Beautiful Brockwell

Secondly after another long hot day Ifound myself at Brockwell Lido. The smiling receptionist told us it was about 16 degrees and for a fleeting moment there was thought of going in wetsuitless. We quickly dismissed that thought justifying it with notions of needing to train in wetsuits and undertook the struggle to get into them. Then when we got to the pool area felt very self conscious at being the only two in full rubber, nevertheless we jumped in and covered 2.5km in comfort. Next bonus was an evening meal at the Lido Cafe, which to be fair doesn’t do it justice, cafe by day, fine dining by evening probably is fairer. 


Great company and set up for the weekend.

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