I think I’ve caught it!

The weekend rescue and recovery session seems to have had something to do with it (is it cause or effect?) but I’m beginning to notice some unusual symptoms.

Judging from some of the comments I heard and saw after the April 100 length timed trials, I wasn’t alone, both in feeling a sense of achievement at that goal, but also suffering from a little bit of a lack of direction after it. But now that we have reached the final milestone things feel a little bit different. Everyone I have spoken to is positively Buoyed up, feeling positive and looking forward to the swim proper. Maybe its the fact that it is now blazing June (although from the last few days weather you wouldn’t know it) and the swim is now described as being “This month”. Maybe it was meeting up with all of our new swim buddies, Maybe it just is beginning to feel a bit more real, and I’m thinking that I need to be getting some extra training in. I’m not sure exactly what it is but I can definitely sense it.

For me, the rest of June is now packed, with hardly any free time. Work and personal commitments are seeing me racking up miles in the car and there is also the occasional overnighter to facilitate things that I committed to ages ago. Now, when it comes to overnighters, I usually look for a decent Wi-fi connection a decent evening meal, with a few beers, and an OK breakfast, but recently I’ve found that I’m prepared to substitute or compromise on that list in favour of opportunities to get wet. So within the next few days I’m likely to be prioritising opportunities to get some open air swimming in over trying out new restaurants, the charms of the English Channel and possibly Brockwell Lido ranking highly enough that I’ll settle for a post swim snack and an early night.

Thats it, I think I have got it, I think I am getting addicted!

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