SHH…it’s a secret.

This weekend was the final big landmark in our preparation for swimming across to the Isle of Wight and took us all over to the IOW on Sunday morning for our safety training session. It was a good session in the wavy conditions getting us all prepared for the safety procedure that everyone really hopes they never need. I did notice the audience of swimmers paying more attention to the lead kayaker’s pitch than I ever seen given to the people in Orange on an Easyjet flight before take off.

I traveled down on Friday night with the intention of having a look at the challenge ahead from the launch point at Hurst Point on Saturday because it’s a while since I’ve been there. My only recollection of it was the tide racing through and yachts battling with the current during the round the Island race, trying to punch through the gap between mainland and island. When I sat on the shingle beach on Saturday morning it was pretty much still that!! You could see by the water that the current was pulling in all different directions by the shore and forming some interesting eddies. Oh well, nothing we can’t overcome with a bit of kayak directional guidance I’m sure.

Friday and Saturday night I slept in a Shepherds Hut in Lymington but not anything like the ones I remember from staying in New Zealand. This was “Glamping” at it’s very best. I’m reluctant to share this with the world as I’m definitely going back for some more of the same and don’t want to find it’s fully booked, but on the other hand, this little gem is a secret to good to keep. Thank you Lorraine for a lovely, relaxing weekend with breakfast hampers to die for. You can find the Shepherds Hut on airbnb as the link below.

IMG_1148 IMG_1168

So, safety training done and just 28 days to go to the swim and we are all in a good place for it. Bring it on.

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