Another wet Bank Holiday

What a weekend! I’ve been devoting a lot of time to training for the upcoming swim, and had got a little behind with some other home projects. In particular a make over of my front garden, had turned from a small project into a building site and gotten a little more than I could feasibly manage single handedly, so on Friday I was really glad to accept the offer of some help from my little bro.  Materials and hired tools were sorted for Friday pm and Friday evening saw a frenzy of concrete mixing scalping shifting and gaIMG_0432rden levelling. we also managed to teach his girlfriend to mix concrete as well as a few bits of building site language (Tamping being a top one, scalpings another). The fun continued into Saturday and a long hard day of manual labour was finally rewarded with a finished lawn and a pub supper (great athlete nutrition). So jobs all up to date and tired but happy Saturday drew to a close. Nice Lawn thanks both for the help.

Then the fun (wet) bit of the weekend could start. Sunday morning saw us off to the beach aiming for a repeat of last weeks Pier to Pier. A quick call around the others planning to join us crossing the Solent found a third person ready to join us in braving the Bournemouth seafront so we were joined by Matt on a really busy beach at 10:30 on a Sunday morning. However, the best laid plans as they say don’t always work out. Our merry team, parked up, suited up, and made our way to hire a Kayak for our support. First departure from plan came when I mistook a complete stranger for my brothers girlfriend on the seafront, no real harm done, but the mistake was compounded a few moments later by Caroline, who made exactly the same mistake whilst I watched from a safe distance. 

Next up we had arrived at the Kayak hire shop just after they had hired out the last of theirs to a group booking. So suddenly the kayak support became a foot patrol. Never mind “adapt” sprang to mind.

DCIM100GOPROAs the three of us headed off to the water one of the Lifeguards strolled down the beach doing a passable “baywatch” in red swimwear and asked us where we were planning to swim to, before nodding us off on our way with an “enjoy”!DCIM100GOPRO

we were off. The sea was a little choppier this week than last weeks semi millpond and it was really hard work, zero visibility again and soon the lifeguard re-appeared to ask if we were OK and to offer to lend Matt a swim hat. Matt declined the offer probably because we couldn’t see were he was storing his spare hat. (I did mention that the baywatch impersonator wasn’t a Pamela Anderson version, didn’t I). We assured him that we were OK and pressed on. This week we swam halfway and then turned round. (I didn’t really fancy a repeat of last weeks Groyne vault episode), to see what it was like swimming with the current. We flew! In fact the return journey was so quick that our beach spotters lost sight of us. As we padded out of the surf Baywatch man reappeared to see that we were OK – Good job, thanks! All in all another successful foray into the sea. There are now only 5 weeks left until the planned swim date I reckon that’s a few more weeks of racking up the miles, getting salty and wet and then ease off a bit leading up to the big day. I’m really enjoying the experience. Open air swimming is so much more invigorating than being in a pool, the comradeship of doing a project like this alongside my brother I’m enjoying, the mouthfuls of salt water not so much.

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