Improvise Adapt and Overcome

Plodding through the water on Saturday and watching the landmarks along the sea-front go past very, very, slowly gave me heaps of time to work out how I was going to get myself sorted to be able to pull this swim off. The difference between sea swimming and pool swimming was a much bigger jump than I had ever imagined and now more than ever before was a time to Improvise, Adapt and Overcome. So, the next hour and 20 mins was spent working out how to adapt almost everything I’d done so far to be able to make some progress through the water, in the direction I actually wanted to go, and breath without taking on board mouth fulls of sea water. It eventually started to fall into place, although the sighting wasn’t the most graceful waterborne movement your ever likely to witness and definitely needs a bit more practice. By the time I finally arrived at Bournemouth Pier I’d got my head around it and was confident the Solent swim was do-able again. With just 5 weeks to go and all the boxes ticked (well nearly all) it’s now just a mind game and making sure not to pick up any silly injuries between now and the 28th.

Is it just me or does anyone else sit watching “Britain’s Got Talent” …….ok, that’s my first question, does anyone else sit watching Britain’s Got Talent? and secondly, how on earth did David Walliams manage to swim the channel?? I remember seeing him swim past my flat when he was doing his River Thames challenge and thinking exactly the same thing then. He’s not a particularly sporty looking bloke is he but after doing my swim on Saturday I definitely take my swim hat off to him.


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  1. Perhaps the lighter coloured swim cap is more aerodynamic


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