Peer to Pier but more Bouyant



Yesterday’s swim between  Boscombe and Bournemouth piers was definitely a challenge as mentioned by little Bro, however I have a slightly different, more upbeat some might say more buoyant perspective. Admittedly that perspective was largely trailing in the wake of my brother “Flipper” who was surging ahead. Downsides there were plenty. It was a long hard slog, and there were points when the “landmarks” seemed to take an age to get past. the same beach huts  were on my right for ages, My neck got quite badly chafed (more lube needed I guess) and I spent the whole time unable to see our final destination. But they all paled into insignificance when we had reached our target. There was plenty of time during the swim for reflection and all sorts of thoughts went through my mind, but I’m feeling really upbeat about the fact that we have now covered the distance, and have spent over an hour in the water without succumbing to hypothermia.

When we started, the distance hadn’t seemed that huge, and at one point I’d thought we might do Pier to pier and back again, those thoughts disappeared about two thirds the way but I was happy that we had covered the distance, and was really grateful for the Kayak support we had. Breathing in the surge was a challenge  but not impossible, the real issue was visibility (or total lack of it), I swam into a kayak once and almost got beached as we neared Bournemouth Pier.

So we decided to walk back to our starting point. Looking a little bit like a pair of Daniel Craig clones we were strolling back along the beach  (six packs rippling under our wetsuits) when Ian decided that we could vault the next groyne. Against my better judgement I followed him, caught my foot on the wood and did a spectacular face plant on to the beach. Now I’m as happy as the next man to laugh at someone else’s misfortune but I like to think I would draw he line at LOL’ing as loudly as the sunbathers did, preferring a small under the breath chuckle. Never mind I won’t ever see them again, and it won’t detract from the sense of achievement I’m feeling. But if I do find myself with a starring role on you’ve been framed then I want my half of the £250.

Great weekend thanks Bro.

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