Riding along on the crest of a wave (and the sun is in the sky)

Another great week of training and I’m feeling right on track. I’d planned from the outset that I needed to be in some open water during May, and that was achieved albeit only for a very short session at Boscombe beach a few weeks ago. Next up I needed to get some distance under my wetsuit in some outdoor water. that was achieved last week with a gorgeous swim in the open air at Brockwell Lido (see balmy in Brockwell) where the temperature was a rather cool 14 degrees ( a bit colder than the sea should be in June). 2.5km in the wetsuit racked up. So nicely on track. Followed those with a couple of pool sessions getting another 4km under my belt. This evening I’m planning to do a proper sea swim with Bournemouth Coastal Activity Park, more about that in another blog.

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