A little dab of Vaseline around the rim!!

My cold water acclimatisation is going really well and I’m definitely starting to fall in love big time with Brockwell Lido, but what I’m not liking in the least is the massive chaffing I’m getting on my neck. Or should I say was getting?


Every swim suited and booted (Hatted actually, its only my brother that’s wearing those weird “Oh it’s cold” booties) was resulting in an angry sore on my neck and I initially put it down to my wetsuit and the schoolboy error of not lubing up properly. Investing heavily in Body Glide made not a blind bit of difference which was no big surprise as putting my wetsuit on and taking some weird, back of the head selfies revealed it was pretty clear the sore was nowhere near the neck of the suit. The next obvious suspect was my hat. Well actually my fat neck and the rolls that form on it when tilting my head.  Got it in 2, That’s the problem.

Today I applied a liberal dab of Vaseline around the rim of the hat after putting it on and the job was good one. No chaffing at all. A lovely 2.5k swim in gorgeous sunshine and water at 14.5 degrees. The only downside being a minimal ingress of water into the hat itself but I’m not entirely convinced that was down to the Vas.  So it’s either Body Glide at just shy of £7 a pop or Vaseline Lip Therapy pocket size at £1.25 which is a bit of a no brainer really.

body-glide-original-anti-chafe-balm-128g file_32_25

Moral of the story, a little dab of Vaseline around the rim makes for smiley faces all round.


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