Balmy in Brockwell

Dictionary definition of Balmy:

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 12.57.00

Well this morning, we were probably a bit of both to be honest. We arrived at Brockwell Lido under a dark grey sky with the trees buffeting around in 20 mph wind to see it was absolutely rammed. That’s if your definition of rammed is 2 other swimmers (neither of whom were wearing wetsuits)

I’ve noticed the colder the pool temperature, the bigger the smile on the receptionist face as they hand you your ticket, so today she was absolutely beaming…….14 degrees. After our ritual humiliation session in the changing room from the guy who had just done 30 minutes in his Speedo’s, we dropped ourselves in to find it was Fresh.

Despite that we had what turned out to be a really nice swim proving that indeed the Sun always shines on the righteous. It showed it’s face most of the time we were in today and added a completely new dimension to today’s little outing. There’s nothing like swimming outdoors, especially when you look up whilst breathing to see clear blue sky and trees. Ok, if you lowered your gaze a bit you saw a block of 1970’s flats but like choosing your mood, the choice of what you see is yours. For me today was Blue sky, Sunshine and a very comfortable 2.5k with my brother.


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2 Responses to Balmy in Brockwell

  1. Didn’t you know?… it’s always a blue sky at Brockwell Lido.

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  2. yansterx1 says:

    That’ll be the 2nd best kept secret about it then, the 1st being that it’s even there. Best swim we’ve had for ages.

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