An Englishman an Irishman and a Scotsman

An Englishman went for a swim one afternoon and had the lane to himself for 40 lengths and was having a lovely old time when he was joined by an Irishman and then finally a Scotsman, (well Scotswoman to be accurate but it doesn’t make the story go so well) Everything was fine and dandy and then they were joined by an Italian, an Australian, a Russian and then what really tipped it over into the league of nations, a Serbian. I’ve nothing against Serbians except when they start barging through when overtaking but with a good stiff British upper lip I let it ride over me…and I mean that in a physical sense. Initially I thought this guy had a good pool etiquette and was tapping my foot to let me know he was coming past, but he then proceeded to claw his way up my thigh, over my back, shoulder, then head as he charged through, almost mounting me in the process.  I wasn’t to happy with that to be honest, but before I could speak to him about it he pulled the same stunt on the Russian…. and he definitely wasn’t having any of it.

When hostilities commenced the Italian immediately did a runner, the Aussie shrugged his shoulders and ignored it and the Irishman made a joke of it later in the showers.

It’s funny how people behave as per the stereotypes of their nations isn’t it?

As the token Englishman, I muttered something under my breath about UKIP having a few good ideas on controlling immigration and finished my swim off at a leisurely pace calculated to ensure the Russian and Serbian clashed regularly and had no option but to sort themselves out.

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