Today I grew a pair

It took quite a lot of effort, but today I finally grew a pair and headed off down to Brockwell Lido. A peek through the turnstile revealed absolutely no one in the pool when I arrived and I was fully expecting to be told it was closed. No such luck, the guy on reception cheerfully told me it was open and today the temperature was 15 degrees. “Enjoy your swim” he said with a strangely sadistic grin.

Feeling quite conscious that I was going to be in there by myself with 2 personal lifeguards, who would undoubtedly have been happier sat in their little shed drinking hot chocolate, I was quite relieved when another guy joined me in the changing rooms. I wasn’t quite so happy when he shot off before me into the pool just wearing a pair of budgie smugglers whilst I was still putting on my suit but hey ho, life’s like that sometimes.

In my opinion, 15 degrees isn’t warm but the temperature itself was probably the least of my worries. So much was new on today’s swim. I don’t usually wear a hat,  50 meter lengths seem quite long when your used to 25’s, my legs were so high in the water due to the buoyancy in the wetsuit that it felt really weird and the suit itself seemed to give me lots of glide through the water and very little resistance. Talking of GLIDE, I made a schoolboy error and didn’t put any lube on and very quickly started to feel a bit of rubbing around my neck.

My 1st six lengths were really uncomfortable and the cold was definitely affecting my breathing but I started to settle down and decided to go for 25 lengths and then call it a day. You know how it is though, once you get your act sorted it becomes quite nice and like a Forest Gump of the pool, I swam and swam and swam. 40 lengths flew by and very quickly turned into, 42, 44, 46, 48 and 50. Job done.

Nowhere near as bad as I was expecting, and like my brother, I’m really pleased with my suit. I’m not sure why I’ve been struggling with my focus since the pool test but happy days are here again.


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2 Responses to Today I grew a pair

  1. Bobbybadger says:

    Well done lads, you are certainly preparing yourselves for the June adventure and hopefully the temperatures must start to improve


  2. Looks nice and seems it is one way to get the lane to yourself


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