Properly Christened

Well after weeks of prevaricating and last weeks visit to look at the surf, it’s finally happened. Buoyed up by a week of lovely weather and the threat that Sunday would see a turn for the worse, I got up early on Saturday morning determined to make today the day that I got properly salty wet.  The wetsuit went on a whole load easier than it had before and by about 10:30am I was parked up by the beach pleased to see that the surf was much calmer than it was last week. A quick walk with Chloe down to the waters edge and I was ready to go. As well as the wetsuit I’ve invested in some neoprene socks and gloves, because I read somewhere that its your extremities rather than you body that feels the cold and then theres the Christmas present of a swim hat so fully rubbered up (and in truth probably looking something like a cross between the man from Atlantis and Mr Blobby) I headed toward the sea.

Magic seaweed (a website, not some hallucination inducing substance) had suggested that the sea temperature was around 10 degrees so I was fully expecting a sharp shock as I dipped a neoprene clad foot into the surf. What a pleasant surprise, as I waded forward till I was thigh deep I was really surprised to find that it wasn’t all that cold.  In fact the suit was so warm that I was a bit surprised to find that the only place I felt cold at all was my hands (even with the gloves), never mind I was in and off. Next surprises were how hard it was to swim against the current, and how little I could see in the murky water. Still I’ve got about two months left before the big day and I’ve properly christened the wetsuit. Its brought home to me how different it is in the sea to the pool and I’ve still got quite a way to go. I only stayed in for about 10 minutes but it feels like I’ve crossed a huge psychological barrier by getting in the sea.

Im really looking forward to another dip in the briny maybe even get in again this week, happy swimming.

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