A bit Nippy Round The Balkan Peninsular Today


What a lovely way to start the day, flick on the BBC Breakfast news and there’s Carol Kirkwood hanging out near where Harry got his Hampton Court at Hampton Lido. It looked very nice although there were the usual tell tale signs of a little nip in the air and steam rising from the water as the truly courageous locals plodded up and down in the background WITHOUT WETSUITS!!

Ok, so maybe it’s time to Man up, pull up my big boy pants and get down to Brockwell Lido (with my wetsuit) I checked out the temperature and a couple of nice images from their website and saw it was simmering along nicely at 14.5 degrees. Hmm, maybe not such a great idea, perhaps another day at Chelsea Sports Centre instead. Having been stitched up more than once by Better Leisure I usually check their website before heading across and today the flashing banner read

Swimming pools currently closed due to a technical issue.

Now in my mind, this translates to the fact that one of mummies little darlings has left us all a special pressie that didn’t need wrapping. Another quick check later on the website confirmed my theory and the pool was open again so off I went. I was really surprised to find when I got there that the sign read The pool is not at the usual temperature due to a technical issue.

Logic dictates that whilst it might be colder than the usual 29 degrees it certainly couldn’t be as low as an outside pool so I thought this would be a good step towards colder water. How wrong can you be? I dropped in to find it definitely a little bit Brass Monkeys and regardless of how fast I swam it didn’t seem to get any warmer. I wasn’t hanging about but by 30 lengths I was starting to feel the chill and by 60 I really wasn’t comfortable, by 80 I was getting the start of an ice cream headache and was quite glad to hit the 100 and get out. It’s not often I turn the showers up to the hottest setting but today I certainly did and lingered longer than usual.

On the way out I checked with reception to get the temperature to see how close it was to Brockwell’s 14 degrees…………………………..instead of 29 degrees it was 24 degrees!!! If the cold hadn’t already taken my breath away that certainly did. 24 degrees, just 5 degrees down and boy could I feel it. If nothing else today confirmed for me that there’s no way I’m swimming across to the IOW in just my speedos and that I need to get my act together on the aclimatisation training a bit smartish.

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