Wild Horses

Well with the trial swim out of the way and the real thing fast approaching, the perennial question of “When shall I get into the real lumpy stuff” reared its (ugly) head again. Its been a fantastic week weather wise here on the sunny south coast and despite the lovely Carol Kirkwood on BBC Breakfast telling us all that sea temperatures are at their lowest, it seemed like the time was right to take the plunge. I’ve found  a website that gives you real time info on wet things such as sea temperature. Magicseaweed.com so I paid it a visit. Bournemouth sea temperature this morning showed as 9 degrees, that’s actually one more than the air temperature apparently. To be honest I had no idea what 9 degrees might feel like, I couldn’t find out what temperature my local pool runs at (but I’m guessing its in the high 20’s). I do know that sea temperatures in June when we do the swim are expected to be in the high teens. I also know that I run my garden hot tub at 40 degrees, but I have no comparator for 9 so the only way to find out was to take the plunge.

I got my wetsuit out of the cupboard where it has hung unworn since I bought it and set about the struggle of getting it on. I’ve invested in some body Glide lubricant to ease chafing so with a liberal dose on the wrists and ankles and about 15 minutes of writhing around it was half on. A lot easier than it had gone on in the showroom so I’m thinking some of the weight loss has been in good places. So covered up with Jeans and a hoodie I headed to the beach.

Apparently some of the other info you can get on magicseaweed concerns some of the other bits of info that dedicated sea users understand, such as swell and tides. Bit of a schoolboy error on my part not reading or understanding that stuff. Suffice to say that the white horses that were the surf was so high that there was no chance of getting in, in fact Wild Horses couldn’t have got me in there today. So the dog got a nice beach walk, I dipped a toe in to see how bracing 9 degrees was (not all that bad actually) and then we went home.

Still at least I’ve worn my wetsuit for an hour or so.  Lets see what tomorrow brings.

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