Spielberg we ain’t

Saturday was going really well, as I blogged we popped over to the island and did our timed 100 lengths and took a bit of video to record our progress. As I didn’t mention, we then ended up in Poole Hospital A&E on Saturday evening. Not from over exertion on the island but whilst we were away one of our support team (well my wife actually), took a tumble and fractured something in her arm. Saturday night in A&E isn’t the top of my list of ways to celebrate. Never mind after the usual 3 and a half hour wait she was given painkillers and a sling and we were on our way. Follow up appointment with the fracture clinic to be arranged!

So back to the video work. It has to be said that my camera skills aren’t fantastic and our editor isnflipper‘t exactly Spielberg but he has made a cracking job of sewing together a handful of clips that really capture the mood. Having said he ain’t Spielberg I’m surprised to see that the film does actually feature some swimmers (in our group I hasten to add) fw.largewith a passing ET-Wax-Figure-Unveiled-at-Madame-Tussaudsresemblance to Flipper, ET, and the Orca out of Free Willy.

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