All set and ready

I did my last swim today before the weekends pool test and broke out a new pair of goggles (Is it just me that gets through a pair every 3 months) hoping to get away from the 22 length fogging. It worked a bit as I got to 50 lengths before needing to spit in them and lick round the inside of the lens like some demented dieter trying to get the very last dregs out of a low fat yogurt tub. That’s definitely an effective technique to get the people hanging around the lane ends to move to another lane, especially if you do it with a good slurping sound.

I took it nice and steady with lots of big reaching forward stokes and was quite pleased to have done the 2.5K in 46 mins. I’m starting to like the swimovate more and more as today it told me I was down to 20 strokes per length and my efficiency index is now 38. Sort of figures really doesn’t it that if you don’t feel your trying so hard, but still getting the same outcome you must be doing something more efficiently. How I wish that had applied when I was a schoolboy when the equation used to be less and less effort resulting in poorer and poorer results. You live and learn.

So it feels like we are all set and ready although I do have a nagging concern that trimming my ear and nose hair could take a few seconds of my time , so might give that a go tonight.

I’m really looking forward to it. I haven’t swum with Stuart since boxing day and there’s also the possibility that we might get in a quick dip in the lumpy stuff. I’m dropping my wetsuit and swimming cap in my bag just in case. So, if your in the area keep an eye open for what could quite easily be confused as 2 young dolphins that have cut away from the pod and decided to have a frolic along the seafront at  Bournemouth.


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