Gentlemen, start your engines.

The organisers of the Wild West Solent Swim, thoughtfully built some targets and milestones into the swim preparation. The first of these occurs on Saturday so there are now on3ly 4 days left until the Solent Seven all pile into the Happy Van and make the trip over to the Island. I think the last time I went there was in 1978 for a family holiday at Nice BikePontins “Little Canada” I doubt it is even still there but I do think this picture was from around about then. It was called Little Canada because of the log cabins. Note the Green Shirt that my Dad is wearing, more about that in a future blog. I’ve included a second picture just to show that my cousin Trish can smile.

The object of this weeks trip is to undertake a timed 2.5km pool swim. There are two reasons for this. Firstly to be sure that we are able to cover the distance in a time short enough to avoid hypothermia on the actual swim day, and secondly so that the organisers can start to pair swimmers of broadly similar speeds together for the crossing. Collectively we have put in the training and aside from the odd wobble I think we are all feeling confident that we can do the 2.5km in the specified time (90 minutes). I have only covered that distance a few times in my preparation, mostly doing 2km because that  is a nice round 100 lengths at the pool I use but I’m confident that the extra 500m is very doable. I’m hoping to get it done in around an hour give or take 5 or 10 minutes so well within time.

Speaking of starting your engines, tonight sees the first Poole Bike Nite of the 2015 season. I’m even more of a fair weather biker than I am a fair weather open water swimmer so my bike has had to be woken from her winter hibernation and dusted off. I was really pleased though when I put on my bike trousers which I haven’t worn for 6 months to find that they fit a lot looser, so perhaps all the swimming is paying off.

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