To Sea or not to Sea ?

That is the question. Glorious Easter bank holiday Monday and the question was planted in my mind is today the day ? It’s been a bank holiday of two halves, the first two days were a bit damp leading me to some indoor jobs and stopping me from mending the garden fence that came down in the wind earlier in the week, a job I really should do because Chloe the Dalmatian has taken a shine to wandering around the neighbours garden. Not a big job really one fence panel and so I thought I’d sort that as soon as the weather allowed. So Easter sunday I made a start, only to realise pretty quickly that the post also needed replacing and on the one sunday of the year when everywhere is closed I couldn’t get a post to finish the job.  Never mind off to the pool, nice quiet swim 2km notched up.

Easter Monday up early to get a fence post and then home to finish that job, shall I go down to the beach, the idea was planted, well it’s now 2pm the fence is mended and I’m about to have a doze in the sun. Looks like the sea will have to wait

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One Response to To Sea or not to Sea ?

  1. Bobbybadger says:

    One can only hope that the previous planning meeting re the swim was more beneficial than the planning for the fence repair


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