Easter Bunny

There’s a family saying “has he been yet?” To be fair mostly used in December, however he has well and truly been this week, the Easter bunny that is. Sadly for me he forced me to drink copious amounts of beer and to eat curry and chocolate ( not at the same time) but he has certainly impacted on my training regime. Saturday afternoon found me and some of the solent 7 having a planning meeting. As mentioned before these have to take place in a pub. Last year’s Firewalk, whilst spawned in my head was formed in the pub (same pub in fact as yesterday’s planning meeting)  and so with the 100 length times swim looming it was necessary to plan and prepare, so a meeting was called to share information and learning. Well I’ve definitely learnt that curry isn’t the best meal to improve performance and the same is true for beer. However it also seems that Easter Sunday is a nice quiet time at the pool so today I managed a nice 100 lengths alone in my lane.

happy Easter

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One Response to Easter Bunny

  1. yansterx1 says:

    Sounds more like a visit from Frank from Donny Darko than any Easter Bunny I ever remember!!


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