Time Flies

Well there we are, March been and gone, Three months of prep for the swim been and gone. (Meaning that its now over half way, less time to go than has passed). The first bank holiday of the year upon us (Perhaps New Years Day is the first one, but you know what I mean). British Summer Time upon us and only a week now to go before the trip to the Island to do our timed 100 lengths. I’m really pleased with the way the training has gone. I’ve gone from complete novice unable to do two consecutive lengths of crawl, to a full (membership) card-carrying gym member, able to churn out 100 lengths in less than an hour. From a newbie uncomfortable in the lap lanes to an etiquette pedant who peers through the window before I go into the pool to see who is there and how busy “my” lane is.

I still haven’t quite sussed the whole timetable checking thing yet so today saw me arrive whilst the wrinkly aerobics was still in full swing (or at least as swinging(ey) as it gets), and had to content myself with the roped off deep end rather than doing lengths. Never mind it was an opportunity to do some paddle sets and work on my breathing in a fairly quiet bit of the pool. I also today learned a new rule of the pool. Its obvious I guess in hindsight, but only dawned on me today. The busyness of the changing area, is directly and inversely proportionate to the busyness of the pool, or to put it another way, empty pool = full changing rooms. First time today that I couldn’t actually find a cubicle to get changed in.  I had to make do by getting as dry as I could decently manage in the communal area, whilst watching like a hawk for an opportunity to grab an empty cubicle, one became free just in the nick of time. Turning to thoughts of decency I’m now starting to wonder about changing in and out of my wetsuit on the beach. With BST upon us its only a matter of time before I have to dip a toe into those chilly waters. Who knows perhaps this weekend.

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