A Fine Time

So I think I’ve found a fine time to visit the pool but let me share with you today’s experience. Tuesday just before lunch time seems to be the quietest time of the week. So today I pitched up just before the lunch break to find an almost empty pool. Only one swimmer in the fast lane so I slid in as he stopped for a break. I don’t often exchange small talk with the other swimmers but today it couldn’t be avoided. I started off with, “This seems to be a good time of the day”, sadly met with, “It was till you arrived”.

This was followed up with “I hope you don’t create a wake, I’m not a fast swimmer, I’ll fit around you” so I abandoned the small talk and got on with the job in hand, getting some serious lengths under my belt. It’s a little over a week now to go before the timed 100 length trial. I’m carrying on with my “take what you can get” methodology but I also am keen not to overdo it leading up to the IoW timed swim. So  clock watched, deep breath and off I go. There are some very clear signs in the lap lanes. Fast lane is marked as swim anti clockwise. Well what a surprise, I turned after the first length to see my lane sharer swimming clockwise, doing backstroke and completely oblivious to me. Never mind I swerved him and carried on. this carried on for a few laps, before the lifeguard spoke to him. When our paths crossed next in the shallow end he said to me. “The lifeguard has told me that not all of our lengths count, as WE are swimming in the wrong direction”. I bit my tongue and carried on. So my lane sharer wasn’t in the right lane, nor could he follow the instruction to swim anti clockwise, hey ho. Next time we spoke, well to be truthful next time he spoke to me, he said “I have to swim clockwise because of my arms”  (logic lost in me to be honest).  Never mind, press on. at last he called it a day, got out and I had the lane to myself. So I pushed on and actually turned in a personal best of 100 lengths in 49 minutes, only 1 minute better but at least that’s something going in the right direction.

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