Locker Room Envy…..but not as we know it.

It’s weird how little things can play on your mind and effect your performance when all you really want to do is focus on the job in hand. I guess being able to focus regardless is what makes the difference between pro athletes and amateurs. Tiger Woods, Jonny Wilkinson and Roger Federer being prime examples. One of the things that has been nagging away at me in the pool is so trivial that I should be able to let it go but can’t so I decided to sort it.

There’s been a spate of locker break-ins where I swim, which is irritating in itself but until it happens to you, it’s no big deal. I really have no desire to lose all my stuff or have the aggro that goes with it and when I’m in the pool I keep thinking, am I going to get out find I’m the latest victim. I noticed a couple of guys started using the staff lockers which you can secure with a padlock and decided that was the way to go then I could concentrate on the swimming again. This is where the locker room envy kick’s in. Someone at the centre has got a cracking Combi Padlock and I love it but could not find one anywhere…….until today.

This is more of a result than you can imagine because earlier today,  before I found it, I swam and locked my locker with a lock that was OK apart from one critical flaw. I couldn’t see the numbers to open it without my glasses……….which were safely locked inside the locker. Now thanks to B&Q I’m sorted.

Until of course I let the next thing creep into the back of my mind.


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