Back in the swim of things

So home from ski-ing, recovered from the man flu and back in the swim of things properly. Good weeks exercise so far, two swims and on both occasions “in the zone” and huge numbers of lengths slid by. First swim of 2.5km and then one at 2km means that I’ve now covered around 60km in my training. That’s the English Channel and back, or about a 5th the length of the Thames (the longest river, entirely contained within England) so not too shabby. Clearly there’s a huge difference between the pool and open water and I really do need to get into the lumpy stuff very soon, but I’m happy with progress so far. I also feel really good for the exercise, I’ve shifted a little bit of excess weight and I never regret going for a swim. I sometimes do kick myself for not checking out the pool timetable before going, particularly this weekend when I pitched up at 8:30 am on Sunday to find a childrens lesson taking place, what are kids doing up at that time on a Sunday let alone getting into the pool? I’m getting really possessive about “my” lane in the pool, even checking as Itimthumb.php get changed afterwards if someone has sneaked into it (even though I’ve finished).  All on track training wise. The harder bit I’m finding is in raising sponsorship. This whole challenge for me has two purposes, to test myself and prove to myself that I’m strong enough while at the same time giving something back to the planets charity (Pancreatic, Liver, and Neuroendocrine Tumours) at Southampton hospital. Time to rack up the fundraising.

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