What a smoothie

Well as part of the fitness regime associated with this little project, I’ve been experimenting with green smoothies using my existing blender and it’s been pretty good and made me feel quite healthy. However as I blogged a few weeks back, the other Mr W I know has invested in a nutribullet and was  extolling its virtues to the point where I was tempted. It’s pretty difficult to find them at less than their rrp, but after an inordinate amount of surfing I found one discounted by 10% so decided to take the plunge. It arrived today, when coincidentally I had my folks staying. It also had a recipe book with various recipes intended for different purposes and so I ended up in a discussion with my dad about what might go into them. The usual suspects, bananas, pineapple, mango all got a mention, but what made me laugh the most was that he saw on the box a list of things that included flax seeds and something that he read as “Maxline”. I have no idea where you might buy maxline or even what it is. Perhaps you can only find it in health food stores. however on re reading it it transpired that what it actually said was add liquid to the max line.  Can’t let that go without a blog mention.

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One Response to What a smoothie

  1. Bobbybadger says:

    I have to fess up that it was true I misread the instructions and was looking for a maxline. We had visited to catch up on the training and told Stu I would hold his clothes if he wanted to try open water. It was not to be so I tried the resulting smoothie, which was not strictly smooth and had a colour that Ant and Dec would have loved for a bush tucker trial. A really nice weekend with Stu, Caroline and Chloe their very loving and flatulent dalmation

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