Eclipsed? I don’t think so.

Well there we have it for the first time since 1999 and apparently the last time until 2090 we had a total eclipse visible from the UK, sadly in my neck of the woods it was rather cloudy and only really noticeable for a further dimming of the sky, (a bit 50 shades of Grey, if you like) that’s a shame.

Got me thinking though about the word eclipse and the vagaries of the English language. Strangely the dictionary definition of eclipsed covers the full range from “putting in the shadow”, “Overshadow”, “Shame” or “put to Shame” through to “Outshine”, “Exceed”, “Top”, “Cap” or “Trump”.

I’m looking forward to getting into the sea to see (More strange English) if I can eclipse my earlier swims.

Happy Eclipse Day

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