This Girl Can (but this boy probably shouldn’t)

I probably haven’t mentioned before that the pool I use has communal changing rooms and showers. Im not really a fan, mostly because the cubicles are quite small for all the towelling and exertion associated with getting dry and then dressed. I used to like the old male/female separate changing areas but there you go times change.

Well today was a first for a few things. Firstly my weight has dipped below 81kg for the first time in probably 10 years.  All the swimming must finally be paying off in toning my body. Secondly when I emerged from the showers dripping wet and still under 81kg, I was a bit surprised to experience that cougar moment. An older lady smiled and winked and then said, isn’t it great being here at this time of the day with all these half dressed men around (I still had my trunks on, its a communal changing area after all). Now I’m all for the This Girl Can campaign, and I wasn’t offended, but to be honest, if I had made that sort of comment to a female swimmer I’d most likely have been stripped of my membership card before I knew it.

Strangely enough this very morning on breakfast TV I’d seen Jasper Carrot joking about how the cougars that approached him these days wanted to take him home to their (nursing) home. She wasn’t quite that old but then I’m not quite as old as he is. Got me thinking though and I recalled an article I heard on the radio about how a bloke smiling at a female in the street can be considered to be sexist. Now it may be a surprise to those who think I’m a grumpy type but in the street I’m quite smiley.

This girl can, this boy probably shouldn’t.

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