I have to be honest and say I’m not usually a big fan of gadgets but I was keen to see how my new poolmate lived up to the claims on the box. I’ve not found counting lengths a problem and if I loose count have just chucked in a another one or to to be over rather than under. I slipped into the pool today (after going back to my locker as I forgot to put it on) pressed start, and set about knocking out 100 lengths.

My first observation was that it felt a bit strange having something on my wrist as I haven’t worn a watch for about 4 years now so was quite aware of it. 2nd thing I noticed was that I could actually read it without my glasses……Hoorah. 1st major design flaw overcome.

Keeping a count in my head and checking it every 20 lengths, I was impressed to see it was spot on. I’d read that it helps the lap accuracy to extend your glide on the turns so it knows you’ve actually done one but I’m a fairly long glider anyway so this wasn’t an issue but It did make me wonder what would happen if you paused mid length. This was my justification for ignoring a float that had drifted into my lane from the school class so rather than stopping and flicking it back like I normally would, today I just swam round it.

In my mind I knew when I was at 96 lengths and the poolmate confirmed that so I cracked out the last 4 lengths and then hit pause. 100 lengths in 47 minutes. I was pleased with that for sure as I didn’t think I’d been improving and was stuck at 50 mins.

The stuff I’ve never worked out accurately before was also quite revealing with a quick scroll through the modes.

Average Strokes per lap – 22,

Calories burned – 768,

but the bit I liked the best

Efficiency Index – 39, get in. 30-40 is classified as Very Good, less than 30 Excellent- Professional athlete so I was really pleased with that.

It also confirms that the guy I was sharing a lane with today who was swimming really strange sets, that seemed to be, thrash past me for a length, overtake on the turn, then struggle to keep ahead of me on the way back, Stop whilst I did another 4 lengths and then repeat the exercise of p*ssing me off, was as I thought……………A D*ck.

IMG_0774 IMG_0775

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