Beam me up Scotty

So That’s the end of my week playing in the snow and it’s been a blast. Tremblant is a great little resort in the Canadian Laurentien mountains. We’ve been here a few times and this week despite a heavy dose of man flu wiping out one day’s skiing, I managed to do pretty much all the runs. The weather got warmer and sunnier as the week passed and yesterday there was even some cat napping in the sun on the balcony. In fairness it did start at around -11 so yesterday’s -1 felt tropical.

The hotel includes breakfast so no need for the bagel run that I used to do here a few years ago to pick up breakfast, and we’ve eaten pretty healthily in the main. We’ve been in the pool every evening (hot tub not swimming). My tracking app on my phone suggests we have covered something like 70 miles and vertical drop of about 50k feet. So whilst it’s not the usual exercise regime I think I’ve kept myself active.

Sadly we now face that long slog back home, although it will be nice to get home to our surrounds and Chloe the Dalmatian.

I’m not really a fan of airports and long flights, the sooner that they invent the teleporter and I can say beam me up Scotty, the better.

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