A Birthday Dip

Today I clocked up 52,000 metres on my total so that’s 1,000 metres for every year I’ve walked this earth. It felt quite nice in my new birthday Speedo’s although I think they have slightly more drag than my old ones. How picky is that? Maybe getting just a little to focused on time and speed.

Thanks Stu for my swimovate poolmate which I did take with me eager to try it out but I must admit to not having used it today. I think you must have got me the junior version as when I was checking the default settings whilst strutting around the change rooms it went something like this:

Pool Length: 25 metres      Check

Left handed: Not a problem as for swimming I’m abidextrous   Check

Weight:   65 Kgs – ARE THEY HAVING A BUBBLE!! I Haven’t been 65Kg for at least 10 years

I’ve been slapping myself on the back like a seal on wacky baccy because I’m so close to being the magic target I set myself of 79kgs by the swim test and here I am now expecting to turn up on the day and be surrounded by 65Kg racing ferrets ( Well only If I stand next to anyone not from the Solent 7)

But apart from that, It’s not a bad day at all.

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