Fifty (more) shades of Grey, is it something in the water?

There are a few things that are undeniable. One is brotherly love/sibling rivalry. Ours manifests itself In lots of ways but one that makes me chuckle is hair.  For years now my younger (greyer) brother has been convinced that I dye my hair, this amuses me no end but for three particular reasons

1) He is much greyer than me

2) no I dont

3) the more he goes on about it the funnier I find it

however, I’m begining to wonder now having caught a glance in the mirror to see that my distinguished salt and pepper look seems to suddenly be advancing. Although the lady who cuts mine tells me that it’s a good look. I’m wondering now if the chlorine in the pool might be to blame, after all he has been a regular pool swimmer much longer than me. Perhaps another reason to graduate to open water sooner rather than later.

in case you are wondering another of the indisputable things is that last time I blogged using 50 shades we got by far more views than any other post.

happy friday

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