One of those Strange changing room chats

Another good swim today with a very quiet pool. 2.5 km in 45 mins, it’s amazing how quickly you can nip along slowly when there’s no-one in your way.

As I was getting changed to leave, one of the regulars I see came in and the 1st thing I noticed was that he didn’t use his usual locker. Yes, everybody has a wee bit of OCD lurking deep inside them. I find it quite unsettling if I don’t get either locker 180 or 181.

It transpired that whilst he was swimming on Monday, somebody broke into the locker he was using and stole his watch, wallet, mobile phone, keys, leather gloves and this is the weird bit……………his trousers!! That really is adding insult to injury, not only had he been as he put it, mugged without the personal interface but he’d had to go home through the streets in his underpants. 4 days on he could see the funny side of it and fessed up to the fact that he had borrowed some trousers from the lost property box which is usually overflowing with Tarquin’s lost pants ( See previous Post – Tarquin goes commando)

Roll that back and if he didn’t have to go home in his shreddies because he got a pair of strides out of the lost property, someone else must have turned up one day, had a swim and then gone home without remembering to put their own on.

Its a funny old world isn’t it?

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