Just Peachy

Well I’ve had one of those Midas Touch days, everything if not exactly going well had a shiny upside to it. On the work front instead of the usual panic before a few days away I am currently pretty well up to date and feeling like I can go off skiing and forget about work for a week. (Still a day to go though so that might change). Horrible traffic jam today going to the pool but when I got there I had a great swim in an almost empty pool, a chance to use my paddles and try out the goggles that leaked like a sieve on Sunday but seem fine today. Then to top it all my favourite shower gel was on offer in Boots (other chemists are available) so I stocked up on zingy Lime and Chilli and Blue Ginger Gels. I seem to be going through loads at the moment so that will add a bit of a tingle to my post swim shower, there’s probably a line in there about Ginger and some biscuits but this might be a family blog so I’ll skip that one. Just a few last minute things to throw into a bag and then I’m outta here.

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